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Street typography

Updated: May 20, 2020

On my daily social distant walk around the block in Shawlands (Glasgow) my brain desperately seeks design and typographic stimuli. I dream of joining one of those Londonian Type Safari's that Sarah Hyndman organised online ( but for Glasgow.

Here, in my tiny new world, the only features that I was able to collect so far are house numbers! There is an incredible variety of style and media to express this numeric information in my street. From pavement bricks to painted glass, stained glass to gold lettering, serif or sans serif, regular or italic ready made number plates. A whole array of house identity by the number. To which sometimes is added a mysterious house fantasy name carved in stones. Victorian cottages? This post will be updated with future typographic hunt.

Otherwise there are carving on yellow sandstone. It is dating from around 1907: when this residential area made of Victorian semi detached and terraced houses was completed. This picture shows the Arts&Crafts inspiration of the times along with stained glass window features.

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