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One Flap of Wings
WWF Amazon Forest 

Campaign / Information Design / Illustration

First honours year project on the Amazon forest wonders and destruction. Focus on a Manakin bird species and their similar fate to the Pilcrow glyph. They both were thought long lost then reappeared out of the blue. Includes glyph-animals inspired by the typeface Faune by Alice Savoie. 

Scene-1-no shadowsAMAZON.png

The manakin bird species is famous for it's unique songs, drumming and dancing. This inspired me to design a concert poster that would lead the audience to take part in the preservation of the Amazon by supporting its animal artists. 


The precise Amazon River and motorway construction maps set the layout for each spreads as a reminder of the forest connections and divisions.

Infographics are present throughout the booklet to show the immensity of the Amazon trees, number of species as well as the damage done by logging, fires and the impact of the agricultural industry. 


Martin typeface from is used in this project, for its strength as a type for protest signs with a lot of history. 


A seed bomb packaging in partnership with kabloom too help both local and Amazonian wild life. It is the birds droppings that help the regrowth of many tree species in the Amazon Forest.

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