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Space Junk: onecosmos

Branding / Infographics/ Campaign

In this final project I wanted to combine design work of branding, visual identity, copywriting, information designing, poster campaign, and animating the logo.

onecosmos is a fictional company of citizen scientist dealing with space junk and taking care of Earth orbits, our cosmos. The deliverables for this self designed brief are an infographic broadsheet, a branding booklet, stationery, animated logo and an embroidered badge.

The broadsheet with information design and posters

onecosmoscampaign (4)_edited.jpg
onecosmos_BM (3)_edited.jpg

The branding booklet

onecosmosbranding (2).JPG
onecosmosbranding (4).JPG
onecosmosbranding (3).JPG

The stationery

onecosmosbranding (5).JPG
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