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Oded Ezer Makes type alive (literally)

Updated: May 19, 2020

Oded Ezer is a graphic artist and typographer. As a typography artist he merges disciplines and makes us thinks about type differently. He is based in greater Tel Aviv

In recent works he talks about how type are like ants and he would like to combine them together, interfere with ants DNA, make them living letters!

"Some kind of creature that is neither letter, neither ants but both".

This reminds me of one of my favourite concept from the french philosopher Gilles Deleuze and the "Becoming Animal". There could be another becoming, the "becoming type". I would expect a typographer's face to become one of his typeface as he ages. He plays with his own image and dresses up as letters, or pretend doing plastic surgery and adding letters to his face and body.

He mostly works with hebrew letters, which I unfortunately don't understand, but the way he manipulates type and tale it to another level is so exciting!

Here is a landscape of Hebrew letters illustrating a poem called Fingers from a Israeli poet, Hezi Leskley. The project consists on a short movie and a poster.

He talks about how we see a letter or a word written, we see different level of understanding. The second level of understanding is the way we write thing, the way we use and choose the typefaces.

"I say to you something without saying anything and you get it through your subconscious."

It is a typographer that is fully inspired by the progress of science and the new way of expressing oneself that are opening thanks to it. he describes his work as :

"typography and plastic surgery; typography and biotechnology; typography and anthropology; typography and genetics; typography and psychology… etc."
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